Tejo II VA

2000 Lusitano Stallion

Mahogany Bay, 16h

Imported & Revised

Sire:  Dito (Brazil)

Dam:  Cigana (Brazil)

Tejo* is the perfect blend of power and gracefulness, with a slow and beautifully balanced cadence to his gaits. His easy going personality makes him a delight to ride and handle. Tejo is a proven sire, consistently passing his lovely temperament, uphill balance, style and substance to his offspring. (Check out photos of his babies to the right.)  He has been trained through upper levels by Sr. Bruno Gonzalez, and has been an ambassador for the Iberian horse in Classical riding exhibitions throughout the country. In 2013 Tejo was the Equilibre High-Point Champion at the Inaugural Baroque Equestrian Games.

*Pronounced “Tay-zhoh,” the “j” sounding like the “g” in “massage”

Stud Fees

  • Lustiano Mares:  $1,500
  • Other Breeds:  $950
  • Semen collection & shipping approx. $395

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