Solana SM  –  SOLD!

SOLD!  2015 Andalusian Filly

DOB:   5/12/2015

Height:  15.2 hh May 2018, still growing

Color: Unusual metallic bronze bay with dark chocolate points; homozygous for the nd1 color gene; will not grey.

Registry:  IALHA #17787(S) Spanish

Sire:  Nocturno MC 

Dam: Marcela MC, by Huatulco MOR

This elegant filly has both beauty and brains!  Her unusual color and proud Spanish carriage will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.  Solana is super smart, quickly progressing through every learning opportunity we’ve presented her.  We think she’s a natural with obstacle challenges, and would make an exceptional Competitive Trail or Working Equitation prospect – as well as a fantastic pleasure partner.

Solana’s early education includes positive reinforcement training for cooperative care and calm acceptance of scary stuff.  She stands still at liberty on cue, is a perfect lady for the farrier, cross-ties and ground-ties, loads and hauls, and more.  

Now that she’s 3 years old, she’s being very lightly started with a Classical foundation.   With saddle or bareback, she rides out alone on the little trails on our farm, as well as the arena. We’ve ridden her at walk, trot and canter to confirm no buck, no rear and no bolt – but because she is still so young, we are not drilling trot or canter work.  Her current training consists of soft, short rides once or twice a week, emphasizing building balance and responsiveness first at the walk, and gradually adding trot. And since she definitely enjoys variety, we’re introducing her to all sorts of obstacles.

Solana is very responsive and light to the aids, and will excel with a rider who is soft and precise in communication. If you desire a smart and striking young mare to bring along in your chosen discipline, Solana may be just what you are looking for!

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