Maravilhoso SM

2016 Lusitano Colt 

Price:  $25,000

DOB:   June 28, 2016

Height:  Mature to 16 hands

Color: Mahogany Bay

Registry:  APSL inscribed, IALHA 18351(P)

Sire:  Bariloche do Arete (imported)

Dam: Tarumandai do Penagono (imported)

Maravilhoso (pronounced mah-rah-veel-OH-so) is a truly outstanding FEI quality colt, and the last foal of the incredible imported mare, Tarumandai do Penagono. His name means “marvelous” in Portuguese, and he is all that and more!  Ravi (as we call him) has grace, suspension and that special flair that will make him a superior competition horse in Dressage, Working Equitation, or The Baroque Equestrian Games.  He is oh-so athletic – naturally lowers and steps under behind while lifting in front – and has a majestic slow cadence in trot and canter.  Ravi’s personality is sensitive and responsive, and when you earn his trust he will do anything for you.  He has a solid early education with positive reinforcement training, happily learning all the basics of being a horse – catching, leading, tying, grooming, hoof handling, bathing, fly spray, trailer loading, vaccinations, de-worming and more.  He’s happy to walk over tarps and bridges, give pony-rides to giant inflatable pink flamingos, and is being introduced to riding equipment in preparation for adulthood.  He’s already been hauled for a field trip off the farm, and was cool and calm for the entire experience.  This is an exceptional prospect for a serious rider with upper level ambitions, or for anyone whose passion is the beauty, balance and joy of higher collection.   Located in Ocala, FL, for sale to approved home, $25,000.  (Price will increase with time and training.)

Video of his sire Bariloche do Arete:

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