Futuro MC

2010 Lusitano Stallion

Grey 15.2h

Futuro is… well… freaking fantastic! This young stallion embodies the true ideals of the Classical horse…  Beautiful balance. Powerful presence. Elegant expressiveness. Awe-inspiring athleticism. All the qualities that culminate in the artistry of the Airs Above the Ground. Futuro’s sire and dam were imported from Portugal, bred by the legendary Arsénio Raposo Cordeiro,  In accordance with the principles of the historic Masters, Futuro’s under-saddle training has begun slowly, allowing him time to mature both physically and mentally. He is available for breeding beginning with the 2018 season.

Stud Fee:

  • Lusitano Mares:  $1,500
  • Other Breeds:  $950
  • Semen collection & shipping approx. $395



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